Le bal des enfants de l'OSM

Le Bal des enfants de l'OSM

Orchestre symphonique de Montreal

Bal des enfants OSM

Levé de fond

Kent Nagano

Le Bal des enfants de l'OSM

Last February 27, the BAL DES ENFANTS raise the funds it needs to support its mission of education and accessibility. In addition to the record net income of $177,000 raised during this event, more than 200 families attended this unique ball for free, sponsored by about 40 donors. Those families joined the nearly 1,800 guests being present at this 3rd edition.

Thanks to the honorary committee and donors for their generosity!

The BAL DES ENFANTS is a benefit-event which is a celebration intended for youngsters five and over accompanied by their parents. A multidisciplinary concert conducted by Kent Nagano highlighting the symphonic music and preceding by a snack and entertainment in the lobbies of Maison symphonique.

Join us next year!