I.Discover the characters in the tale What Is Maestro Puss-in-Boots Up To?


The chat botté is played: Didier Lucien

Certainly not your average cat! He has a way with words that amounts to purrfect flattery. To prevent his poor master from eating him, he promises to make him rich one day. His strategy? Get to meet the king and princess and introduce them to the Marquis of Carabas (the miller himself), convince the farmers that their land belongs to the marquis, and conquer the ogre who’s terrorizing everybody in the vicinity!


The king is played by: Antoine Vezina

Above everything else in the world the king loves his daughter, but he doesn’t seem to realize that his princess isn’t a kid anymore. As a dad he’s a little thick, but good for a laugh! One day, on their daily stroll, they meet Puss-in-Boots, who sings the praises of the Marquis of Carabas. The king doesn’t even notice that he’s talking to a cat, and before long he’s fallen under its spell!


The ogre is played by: Geoffroy Salvas

The ogre lives in the chateau coveted by Puss-in-Boots and the young miller. And although he doesn’t eat cat, he still likes to make rugs out of them! He also has the power to transport himself wherever he wants and turn into anything he pleases. Can you guess what Puss-in-Boots asks him to turn into?


The young miller is played: Marc St-Martin

Kicked out by his brothers after the death of their father, the young miller is famished and, to make matters worse, the only thing he’s inherited is a cat he believes to be not very bright. Has he ever got it wrong! Puss-in-Boots isn’t your average cat, since he’s capable of making him rich on condition the miller listens to him very carefully and does everything he says. Accompanied by his cat, the young miller, disguised as a marquis, sets off on a journey that ends with him meeting a princess – and he immediately falls under her charms. Will Puss-in-Boots keep his promise to make the young miller rich? And will he have the courage to ask for the lovely princess in marriage?


The princess is played by: Marianne Fortier

The princess doesn’t completely believe Puss-in-Boots’s story and doubts that the Marquis of Carabas really exists. A talking cat, give me a break! Above all she wants her father to be careful. But when she meets the young miller – called “Marquis of Carabas” – she finds him very much to her taste and falls in love with him. Nevertheless, she wants proof that the chateau he claims to be the owner of actually belongs to him and not the ogre, its occupant to that point.

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