What Is Maestro Puss-in-Boots Up To?

How does a dusty barnyard cat transform a poor miller into the Marquis de Carabas? It’s all in the boots! Handcrafted Italian leather boots, of course! You’ve got to know how to promote yourself to get ahead, and our Puss in Boots has this skill down pat! Using his survival instinct, cleverness and charm—along with one or two barefaced lies—and backed up by the seductive and sumptuous music of a symphony orchestra, our entertaining and cunning Maestro Puss in Boots is able to elevate his master to the highest social rank. A singing ogre, dancing king and poetry-reciting princess round out this tale that is sure to delight everyone!

This concert, designed especially for a young audience, features great works from the orchestral repertoire performed by the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal under the direction of Kent Nagano.

Presented in french.


Kent Nagano, conductor

Charles Dauphinais, stage director

Elisabeth Sirois, scenario

Didier Lucien, Puss-and-Boots

Marc St-Martin, Young Miller

Marianne Fortier, Princess

Antoine Vézina, King

Geoffroy Salvas, ogre

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