How does your donation help?


Since it began in 2014, the Bal des enfants and its donors have raised more than $550,000 net in support of the OSM’s mission of education and accessibility.

More than 1,000 people, including 538 last year alone, chosen through more than 25 organizations dedicated to helping families in need, were invited to enjoy a concert at no charge thanks to the Bal des enfants. We hope to increase this number to 580 in 2018. The broad OSM team is proud to have been able to offer, for most of these families, a first concert experience at the Maison symphonique de Montréal. These family concert outings allow children to share a magical moment with a parent, grandparent or guardian.

The Bal des enfants is just one of the Orchestra’s initiatives to ensure that symphonic music is accessible to everyone.


Introducing young people to the Orchestra

  • 11 Youth Concerts and 3 Children’s Corner concerts per season, which benefit over 22,000 young people from primary and secondary schools;
  • More than 250 sessions introducing elementary school students to classical music;
  • 7 teaching guides for schools, including 5 concert guides and 2 general guides (elementary and high school level);
  • Musicians’ workshop in schools;
  • Partnership between the OSM and school with a musical vocation;


Making classical music more accessible

  • Maintaining affordable admission prices;
  • The OSM Classical Spree and its 31 affortables concerts;
  • 5 free concerts in the parks for a total of 55,000 spectators in 2017;
  • The webcasting of certain concerts
  • And a host of other activities.